Real Estate Investment and Development Software

Real Estate Investment and Development Software v99K7k

Analyze your real estate investments

This powerful software offers a series of advanced features for commercial real estate developers, allowing you to ensure that all of your projects run according to plan and that you keep on top of finances.

There are a number of core utilities built into the suite, which include:

Annual Property Operating Data (APOD)

Creates an APOD for the first year (operating statement formatted for income property).

This is the standard real estate analysis tool used by the real estate industry. It conforms to Standard Real Estate Practices. An APOD is the best starting point for analyzing an income property because it provides a brief summary of performance.

Benefits of Income Property Ownership (IPO)

Creates several complete financial analyses of income properties' potential, including time value of money analyses, and many more.

Full color charts and graphs, as well as detailed explanations, help you understand the analyses. Contains the Encyclopedia of Income Property Real Estate.

Appreciation Calculator

Calculates past (historical) appreciation of properties. A convenient way to calculate historical appreciation of subject properties and comparable properties to determine a reasonable projection of future appreciation.

Amortization Calculator & Tables

Supports up to 30 balloon payments. As simple or as full featured as you need.

Start-up Cash Flow

Analyzes Start-up Cash Flow for new income properties (i.

e. a new construction). Determines how much cash reserve is needed after construction is completed to cover Start-up Costs. Helps make construction and long-term financing decisions.

Real Estate Investment and Development Software


Real Estate Investment and Development Software v99K7k

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